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There are many different reasons why people may wish to seek counselling or psychotherapy, however some of the more common ones are:

~ Losing your spark or motivation in life ~

~ Relationship issues & family problems ~

~ Work related stress, bullying and career changes ~

~ Depression, feeling low or melancholy ~

~ Stress, anxiety and panic ~

~ Issues with sex,sexuality & coming out ~

~ Exploring gender identity/ support with transition ~

~ Health problems, illness ~

~ Childhood traumas re-emerging ~

~ Trauma, post traumatic stress ~

~ Bereavement, loss and grief ~


What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

A therapy or counselling session provides a safe and confidential setting in which to explore your concerns; these may relate to an emotional crisis arising from sudden change of events, such as a loss of job or relationship, or there may be specific presenting problems such as self harm, addiction, depression, panic or anxiety attacks, or physical, sexual,

or emotional abuse.

Often the issues and problems will be less specific and may include a general feeling of anxiety, melancholy, depression, boredom, anger, stress, loneliness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, regret, or simply a feeling of futility or feeling stuck, without a real purpose in life.

Psychotherapy can provide a safe confidential setting in which to express and unfold these issues in a nurturing relationship which will mirror, reflect, and support the ongoing process of change and exploration. Not only will it work to bring into consciousness the underlying forces and patterns that may continue to re-enact behaviour from the past, but it will serve to develop and deepen self understanding and self awareness and further the capacity to make more conscious choices in life.

Often as the process of therapy unfolds we move from concerns with problems and symptoms towards exploring how you might lead a more fulfilling and authentic life. As you heal inner divisions and clear away confusions you can release trapped energy, mobilising your own creativity, discovering new ways of being and relating that make more sense of your life.

I use the term counselling to refer to focused, often time-limited work for specific or immediate issues, whereas psychotherapy will also look at specific issues but will go further and deeper, providing a place for you to confront, process, and grapple with wider life issues in a more open-ended exploration.

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