PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be debilitating in so many different ways, from panic attacks, poor sleep, anxiety, isolation, becoming unable to work and many more symptoms. 


The good news is that these can be significantly reduced and often cleared entirely through various techniques.


I use a combination of CBT and Breathwork (See Breathwork Page), which I have found to be very successful over many years of working with the Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy Service  for traffic accident trauma in particular. 


I do also provide this privately for other forms of trauma incidents and experiences. 


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Becky Johansson
Mobile: 07841 837 029

To contact me it is best to call my work mobile and leave a message with your contact details and the best times to reach you, and I will call you back (generally within 48 hours). 

Otherwise you can email me on the above address; please indicate that it is a therapy related query in the subject bar.


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