LGBTQIA Community Work

I have worked within the LGBT community for over a decade, both as a group facilitator and as psychotherapist, resilience facilitator and Supervisor.  Some of this has been working with and for the LGBT Foundation Manchester

I work to a gay, trans, kink and poly affirmative model whereby peoples sexuality and gender identity is respected and understood without being pathologised. It is absolutely essential that people can discuss and explore their sexuality and/or gender in a supportive and non-judgemental space.


In addition to this, my knowledge and familiarity enables me to help normalise experiences, provide explanations and empower my clients; increasing self awareness and self confidence.

I would also like to stress that not all LGBT clients come to me with issues around their sexuality and/or gender. Relationship problems, break-ups, work/career changes, family problems etc. are common problems to us all.


However, having a therapist who is experienced and knowledgeable about LGBT life means that these problems can be addressed appropriately, in the right context, without fear of homophobia, transphobia or just plain ignorance. 


I am also a KAP therapist (Kink Aware Psychotherapist) and  work with a range of people living in the 'alternative communities' of Polyamory, Non-monogamy and Relationship Anarchy.


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Contact Details

Becky Johansson
Mobile: 07841 837 029

To contact me it is best to call my work mobile and leave a message with your contact details and the best times to reach you, and I will call you back (generally within 48 hours). 

Otherwise you can email me on the above address; please indicate that it is a therapy related query in the subject bar.


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