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I use the Breath-Body-Mind breathing techniques as taught by Dr R Brown and Dr P Gerbarg


This form of breath-work uses a series of layered breath, body and mind exercises which impact the central nervous system; quickly calming and reducing stress and fight/flight/freeze reactions to more manageable states. 


These techniques are now used across the world working with victims of disaster and trauma; refugees, war veterans and survivors of all kinds are learning and teaching these

techniques onwards.

I use this for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – see specialities page) but it can also be used in combination with psychotherapy for other things, like depression and anxiety, fatigue and recovery from longer term trauma such as childhood abuse, sexual abuse and other traumatic experiences including loss and grief, illness and accident trauma. 

Trauma is something that can sit in the muscle memory of our bodies as well as in the neurological pathways of the brain.  This is important to understand when working to heal, as a combination of treatments or 'holistic approach' is often the most useful in achieving a positive outcome.

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