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Women's Sexuality

This is an area that I am passionate about expanding with currently; it involves working mainly in small groups, but also providing one to one sessions, where women talk, discuss, raise awareness and learn about their own sexuality and work on healing emotional, physical and psychological wounds.  These may be wounds from physical or sexual abuse or attacks. Or from being made to feel

ashamed of your body or sexuality by family, society and culture, and most often a combination of

all these things.

Sitting in circle and learning from each other, and with each other, is an ancient practice that we are slowly reclaiming and relearning.   Every woman has her own story, her things to teach, her things to learn.  This sacred space can be a place to start that process, or be a place of support in the ongoing unfolding of life.  If you want a place in the circle, then there is a space for you.  

Contact me for more information about these offerings.

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