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Wilderness / Ecotherapy


Sessions can involve a rage of interactions with nature; from walking and talking, to sitting in various spaces, exploring movement, grounding and deep enquiry into somatic/body reactions. 


There is scope for a fair amount of flexibility in this space for varied session types, although in all other aspects the usual boundaries of psychotherapy e.g. confidentiality apply.


There is no requirement for any level of fitness for this process. 

Sessions here in Somerset will be held on or around the Tor in Glastonbury, or around Shapwick out on the levels, and other areas will be added as I further explore the area. 


Sessions are generally one hour long, although I am open to longer sessions by negotiation. 

Prices are the same as for usual sessions.

Wilderness or 'Eco' therapy brings together psychotherapy with thoughts on eco-psychology and the environment; how we as humans are connected to the land and how our inner psychology changes and is impacted by nature and our environments. Particularly the beneficial and reflective expansion that being outdoors has on our psyches and mental well being. 

For me, Eco-therapy brings together my love of nature with a clearer sense of embodiment, of presence in living and life alongside the psychotherapeutic work. 

For some clients it feels safer; providing a grounding space that allows for wider expression. 


For others it provides a more challenging environment, with its varied and less controllable aspects. 


I trained with Hayley Marshal and Martin Jordan up in the peak district, with its wild beauty and different spaces, however have mainly worked inside a broader urban environment within Greater Manchester, where park land and reclaimed scrub became a rich space for experiencing nature, contrasting against the cityscape around us. 

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