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Whatever the reason you have come here for, you are welcome.

Stop and rest a while on your journey. Explore, breathe...

How would it be for you to allow yourself to receive support and help, reflection, space for thinking out-loud, space to be...?

Traumatic events and loss in its various forms can affect us all in profoundly different ways. Being able to speak about your experiences in a confidential, therapeutic space where you can receive appropriate support can be vital for the healing process.

The keys for healing are all found within ourselves, however it is sometimes hard to search for these alone. Exploring our ways of being in the world, our history and patterns of behaviour with a therapist can be a useful way of searching for clarity.

My name is Leo Johansson and I work with a wide range of approaches from traditional ways of exploring the psyche, to modern rediscoveries about health and mental wellness; such as wilderness therapy as well as supporting phases of life initiations, existential and spiritual crises and quests.


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